Posture Therapy Home

Do you struggle with:

Stress and Anxiety

Chronic Aches and Pains?

Bad alignment and posture?

Limited range of motion?

A Decrease in Athletic performance?

You don't have to live with it!

Posture Therapy is a non-invasive approach to help your body sit, stand and move in a way that feels comfortable and healthy. It involves exercises and stretches that focus on the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms. Posture Therapy can also strengthen your muscles and improve your overall posture.

3 Steps to a better you!

1. Consult

Your wellness and pain is unique, during our initial consult we will assess your needs and develop a plan catered to them.

2. Training

After a plan is created, training exercises are followed that aid in the recovery process.

3. Review

Periodic evaluations will ensure that you are on the road to recovery and provide an opportunity to make changes as needed to help you get there.

Sessions are In-Person or Online via Zoom

Pay up-front or Via Installments

Instalment plans available - Minimum $250 after Initial Consultation and remainder as agreed.

Special discounted rates for Pensioners, People with Disability, and Kids (Under 18). For more information, please send us a message.

What to Expect

Each 60 minute session includes:

  1. Posture Alignment Photos - We take photos of you Front, Sides and Back
  2. Assess, Discuss and Identify your posture, muscle imbalances and movement patterns
  3. Develop and go through your Personalised Posture Therapy Exercises and Stretching Plan to correct your posture and improve function. Links to your personal instructional daily 20 minute exercise plan will be sent via e-mail and PTX Therapy app.

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To inspire and uplift, we also offer a Tutoring session.

Free Consultation

30 Minute No-Obligation Phone / Zoom Call
Take care of yourself. Take an opportunity to see if Posture Therapy is right for you!